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Pregnancy jitters, the first baby steps as parents, crying babies, terrible twos or the never-ending task of keeping them entertained...whatever be question on your mind, we're here to help. We at yowoto are building an eco-system to help you find answers that work for you from the kind of people you'd most like to hear from. And if you think you've got a handle on the parenting gig, share your knowledge and experiences to make raising kids easier for other parents because you know it takes a community to raise a child. It's all about building a better world — one happy child at a time.

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There's so much advice to be found on every subject under the sun. But is it advice that works for you and your child? You decide. At yowoto, you get to pick the experts, panelists, doctors, writers and other members of the yowoto community you'd like to interact and engage with. No more mindless chatter filling up your conversations, we promise.
Whether you're a visual person, like your information in short, crisp points or a research junkie, you can search or browse by formats or topics that interest you the most. Choose the subjects you're most passionate and hear from megaphones you understand and who understand you. From family physicians to world- renowned experts and everyone in between, they're all going to be on yowoto.
Whether you're browsing on your computer, in bed with your tablet, reading before you fall asleep or looking for a quick answer in between tasks on our phone, the yowoto experience remains the same. The platform is completely customisable to make it look, feel and work the way you like it best. Go on, give it a shot.
Those who can, do. We went a step further and are bringing to you those who are doing & teaching. At yowoto, we know that talking isn't enough to build the future we see for our kids. We need to act. And so we take the experts and their experiences we talk about online and bring them to the real world near you to interact, question, engage and learn from. It doesn't get more real than this.
A platform for moms & dads, by moms & dads about the most important thing moms & dads want to do — raise healthy, happy & content kids!

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